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Add: No.2,Changjiang 2nd Road, Zaozhuang Economy Development Zone,Shandong Province,China.
Contact: Sun Yan 13589608009
Fax: +86-632-3759569 3759682
Fax: +86-632-3759569
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Zaozhuang Jiuxing Biotechnology Co. Ltd.founded in 2004,is located in the beautiful Zaozhuang Economy Development Zone. Our company covers an area of over 12000sqm,and has newly constructed plants 6000sqm. Our company is a modern fine chemical enterprise dedicating to the manufacturing,research, development and marketing. Close to Jinghu Railway, Jinghu Highway and Jingfu Expressway, our company is easy of access.We have complete manufacturing equipments and the products are qualified.We mainly sell single flavor and pharmaceutical intermediates. Our products mainly are acetonylacetone,Acetonylacetone,5-methylfurfural,2,5-Dimethylthiophene,furfuryl mercaptan,Difurfuryldisulfide,4-Methyl-5-thiazoleethanol,2,3-dimethylpyrazine,2,5-dimethylpyrazine,and spices such as Pyrazine series,Thiazole series,Furan series,Pyridine series,Pyrrole series,Thiophene series,Sulfide series and furanone,δ-Decalactone,etc.,and other aromatic compounds. The stable and reliable products quality and good service is our core competitive strength.

We have complementary advantages and resources and achieved win-win. Greatly promoted enterprise research,manufacturing ability and management ability, we further strengthen the comprehensive competitive strengthen to better serve our customers. We have always comply to the principle that products development is fresh blood of enterprise,quality products is the life of enterprise'.Through providing professional level products and quality service we win the good reputation.

We have established stable cooperative relationship with many well-known domestic and foreign flavor and spices enterprises. With quality management, good service and reputation, we create good image.We'll add new flavors to flavor industry.

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